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Municity 5 is a cloud-based software solution built for the rapidly changing technology landscape. Access all of your Code Enforcement & Community Developmental needs from the office, field, or remote. Save time & improve efficiency.

Municity Solutions

Municity 5 offers solutions that cater to an ever-evolving Community Development space. Take permit applications online with inspection scheduling request and application review, or easily track and manage plan review steps from the office or remote. Whatever you need to adapt to the digital Community Development world, Municity 5 has you covered. Check out our many configurable solutions:

Applications To Certificate

A fully digital, streamlined process for easier internal communications.

  • Input applications via unique templates for specific inspections, fees, internal review, etc.
  • Easily track all associated activities for an application 
  • Generate and distribute Permits/Certificates to applicant through email or print and mail


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Periodic Inspections

Easily manage any type of recurring inspection.

  • Track recurring inspections, including public safety, fire safety and/or health
  • Create detailed inspection checklists with relation to ordinances
  • Add inspector notes, results, and photos to checklist items in the field
  • Print checklist items and ordinance pass/failure, bulk inspection reminder letters, and more


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Planning & Zoning Applications

Track application receipt and tasks through the entire process.

  • Intake planning and zoning applications and manage internal review from start to finish
  • Attach and manage review tasks, including comments, inspections, checklists, and more!
  • Include associated building plans or any other additional documents on the application record
  • Manage escrow and bond process as related to the applications


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License Management

Track licenses for multiple applications in a central location.

  • Intake license applications, manage renewals, etc. for professional and business licenses 
  • Attach fees, photos, or other relevant documents directly to the license/renewal record 
  • Generate and print or email licenses, receipts, or renewal instructions from the license record 
  • Look up expiration/renewal reports to keep track of valid records 


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Building and Code Enforcement

Immediate access to vital information, even in the field.

  • Manage complaints and violations seamlessly from office to the road–Municity Mobile allows Inspectors to conduct all stages of an inspection in real-time
  • Take photos or video on site from your mobile device and add it directly to the inspection record
  • Cite local municipal codes and ICC codes* directly on violations with our lookup tool
  • Generate Notice of Violations and Inspection reports either in office or in the field


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Assets & Inspections

A configurable asset management solution to maintain community well-being.

  • Tracking assets such as signs, fire hydrants, park benches, and inspections related to the assets 
  • Set up asset-specific data fields, detailed inspection checklists, and associated fees all in one place 
  • Generate reports detailing checklist pass/failure, bulk inspection reminder letters, and more 
  • Build Dashboards for easy asset tracking


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Work Orders & Maintenance 

Track Municipal work and resources effectively.

  • The functionality to create, assign and track Work Orders and/or Maintenance items on various parent entities 
  • Creating, assigning, and tracking one off Work Order Items, as well as setting up recurring Maintenance items, (including for third parties) 
  • Track stockpiles of time and material used for Work Order Completion, as well as generate invoices based on stockpile transactions 
  • Generate bulk reminder letters for upcoming maintenance items & more 


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Vacancies and Landlord/Rental Registrations

Establish an effective process for tracking vacant and multi-family properties.

  • Track and manage landlord registrations, occupants, and tenants on parcel record
  • Set up recurring inspections and tasks from within the registration record
  • Generate letters, fees, reports, or registration renewal reminders
  • Pair the registration process with foreclosure management to track vacancies on a property

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Remote Virtual Inspection

Conduct remote inspections from the office or from the field. 

  • Add inspection to associate parcel, application, permit, etc. 
  • Include contact’s email and phone number to record and schedule 
  • When scheduled inspection occurs, connect through the generated link and conduct inspection 
  • All photos and video will save to inspection record for further review/archival

4 Reasons To Choose Municity

Innovative Software

As a cloud-based solution, Municity 5 provides access from any device with an internet connection. Take your code enforcement on the go with Municity Mobile. Inspect and cite directly from the field on a phone or tablet. Municity 5 can be integrated with a variety of existing systems such as financial, assessment, or document management.

Expert Team

We are thoroughly familiar with the day-to-day demands of Building/Code Enforcement departments and are dedicated to working closely with you during your software implementation. With access to a team of Helpdesk Support and tailored training videos and documentation, we make sure you are comfortable acclimating to your new system.

Scalable Solutions

Municity 5 is a software built to grow with you. Whether you decide to start with one department or multiple departments, we have the capabilities to be the complete package for your community. We also continuously upgrade and develop new features based on customer needs and requirements.

Customer Experience

Your positive customer experience and satisfaction are our ultimate goals.  There are no surprises with Municity 5, no nickel and diming, everything is up front. We understand this is an investment in your future, and we are right beside you for the process making sure you have everything you need to take your community management to the next level.

MUNICITY Product integrations

Take your system to the next level of efficient operations. Municity 5 is integrated with other popular software
for code searches, document management and more.

Clients Success Stories

Interested in how some of our current clients are utilizing Municity 5 to enhance their Building Department? Please read/view the testimonials below to see how institutions just like yours took their offices into the 21st century:

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